Digital Marketing Associate

Vijay Shrestha loves playing with data and creating wonderful automation scripts to ease tedious tasks. With his knowledge of Digital Marketing, he has been helping us with keyword research, sitewide optimization, content creation, and PPC. 

Vijay is an IT graduate and has BSc.CSIT (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology) from one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Nepal, Tribhuvan University. He has a post-graduate certificate in Information Security Management from Fanshawe college, and is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Software and Information System Testing. From working as a developer to freelancing as a digital marketing specialist, Vijay is a quick learner, critical thinker, and problem solver.  

Vijay enjoys challenges and always tries to figure out a solution through critical thinking and creativity. He has helped several businesses with branding, website development, and digital marketing. He loves teamwork and sharing the latest Web 3.0 trends. In this constantly changing tech world, Vijay loves keeping himself up to date with the latest industry trends and practices.  

During his leisure time, Vijay loves playing video games, watching Netflix, hiking, riding motorbikes, and cooking.