The majority of our clients are located in London, Ontario and other nearby Ontario cities, but we also have clients from as far away as the Netherlands! Although we get many clients from word-of-mouth referrals, our clients who come to us from far away have found us online and are impressed with our offerings. We provide these clients with case studies to demonstrate our success with previous clients and we also will have conference calls (and sometimes even use Skype) to communicate successfully.

At Ontario SEO, we’re proud to say that we have a great relationship with our clients. Since we are committed to being open, transparent and operating with integrity, they know that they can call or email us whenever they have a question or simply want to chat about how a certain campaign is going. When we send out monthly progress reports for each client, we make sure that it is worded accessibly in plain language so that there is no confusion. On every report we include a note that they are welcome to phone us if they would like to discuss any matter in more detail.

When we told our clients that we had been nominated for the BBB Integrity Award, they were extremely happy for us. When we sent out email requests asking clients to act as references or to write us letters of recommendations, we were met with the same response – they would be more than happy to do it and each gave us a sincere congratulations. Even being nominated for this award is flattering and the response we’ve gotten when we’ve told our customers about it is even more flattering.

Below are some letters of recommendation from some of our happy clients.

"We have had a fantastic experience working with the owners, project managers, and developers at Ontario SEO. They have been responsive, flexible, and good communicators throughout the process. The team strives to really understand our needs and goals and base their services around that. Their processes are streamlined and their explanations of various technical elements are clear to those who do not have a strong understand of the subject matter. Highly recommend!"

Lexi W

"We have worked with Ontario SEO for the past couple of years on SEO assistance and redesigning our website. From the leadership to the staff, they all have significant experience in their areas of expertise. We have had an excellent experience and will continue to use their services."

Merlin C

"This team continues to over service. They come up with brilliant ideas, they make me feel smarter than I really am and seem to be available for whatever silly question I have or to fix what I thought I could do myself making me less afraid to try. Great partner to have in this digital spider web that gets more confusing everyday."

Jillian H

"Ontario SEO created a modern, sleek, and expertly optimized website for the company I work for. I am so pleased to be working with this exceptional team! They have generated additional web traffic, which has led to additional inquiries from prospects, and by extension, increased our sales. I am proud to have been the one to introduce my company to this fantastic service. Thank you, Ontario SEO!"

Meghan N

"I have met Kim at a networking event last summer. Her business has existed for 10 years in London where she helps small business owners in creating a LinkedIn company page, provide coaching session as how to change content in the future. She knows the importance of SEO key words on a website and she can help understand what keywords I need to have on my website so I can edit content to increase the SEO ratings. Her company provides assistance with website Google analytics, helps with social media marketing campaigns as well as being knowledgeable in Google AdWords. I like to work with companies located in London to help our local economy and above all I trust Kim."

Mary W

"The NASH Cup is a yearly squash event that takes place at the London Squash & Fitness Club in London, Ontario. It benefits junior squash players and we’ve been a proud sponsor of the NASH Cup since 2010. We maintain their website, update their silent auction page with the latest donors and we create posters and flyers for the event which are distributed around the city."

Nash Cup

"The Ontario SEO team are truly a wonderful team of people to work with. They are always available to answer questions and to run ideas by. We've dealt personally with Kim, Mitchell and Karah and they are quick to provide answers and solutions as well as ideas on how to better promote our business. They have played an integral role in helping our business flourish over the years."

Lara D

"This group produces 'weapons grade' SEO and digital marketing. They're my go-to for strategic insights and tactical excellence."

Nick H

"If you want excellent service and SEO assistance, you're at the right place! Our company has been working with Ontario SEO for a few years now and I have to say after many failed SEO and website developer experiences over the years, we've finally found a company that offers the same great customer service and quality we provide our clients with! Our rep Karah is # 1 with her upbeat attitude, quick responses along with above and beyond service. Reasonable turn around times with our modification requests or to fix those common issues that can crop up from time to time (thanks to the fast paced digital world we all experience)! Ontario SEO is an extension to our team that we can count on."

Annette K

"My business literally exploded after you did my SEO. This week alone I was hired by three executives from a google search. The google reviews are really important to people and I'm blessed to have so many. I wanted to say thanks again! "

Deb C

"Through my academic position with Western University, I had the opportunity to work and consult with Ontario SEO in the development of a web based research initiative. Kim, Wayne, and Pat took our research team's preliminary concepts and framework of ideas and delivered a solid solution for our research needs. The Ontario SEO team was available, responsive, and professional as we successfully launched the customized CMS. When it comes to target marketing and enhanced social media boosting - this team is on the ball!"

Adam P

"What a team! Ontario SEO has made a huge difference in the performance of our website. Their team is wonderful to deal with at every level. As a London, Ontario based company, it's a pleasure to recommend another local business."

Daphne B

"Ontario SEO has proven to be completely reliable and agile - always responding quickly and professionally."

Neil H