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You are here

because you’ve got sales targets
to beat and budgets to meet
and brands to build and mountains to move
and you’ve realized that this whole
online marketing thing seemed to get
pretty friggin’ complicated
all of a sudden & you’re worried
that maybe you zigged
when you should have zagged
on that last campaign
and people keep saying
‘why aren’t you doing this?’
and ‘you should be doing more of that’
because they ‘saw them doing that’
and maybe that’s why your competitors
are eating your lunch,


We've got this

At Ontario SEO, all we do every day, day in and day out, is help businesses like yours develop effective online marketing campaigns. We have one goal in mind: to help make sure your business is found and found often (OK, maybe that’s two goals).

How do we do it? We have an amazingly skilled team of specialists and a proven digital marketing framework that drives growth. We know our business and we understand how to distill all the complexities of the online ecosystem into a clear, transparent strategy that will improve your bottom line.


Are you in? We’re In. Let’s Talk

Digital Marketing Services

We play in traffic so you don't have to!

Simply put, search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to make sure that the right people find your business online. You need to be found. Our expert team of SEO specialists make that happen.

Sell smarter, better & faster

Get a strategic digital advertising plan that converts clicks into paying customers. As your digital marketing partner, we take your success seriously. Elevate your online advertising and increase your ROI. 

Are you connecting with your audience?

To be noticed you need the right messaging in front of the right audience. We have a lot of experience doing just that. We’ll work with you to design a social media marketing strategy that connects with your customers on the platforms that matter most to them.

Tactics shouldn't drive strategy!

A collection of tactics is not a strategy. A digital marketing strategy is a process that sets the framework for providing you with a logical marketing sequence to follow. One that includes all your key digital marketing development and implementation tactics.

Good things come in threes.
So do great things.


Different numbers mean different things to different people in your organization.

We get that.


No dabblers here. Our people live, eat and breathe this stuff so you don't have to.


We custom tailor your online sales & marketing programs to align with your many business objectives.

We don’t want to be your vendor,
we want to be your partner. So we act like it.

"They have been responsive, flexible, and good communicators throughout the process. The team strives to really understand our needs and goals and base their services around that. "

Lexi W

"We have worked with Ontario SEO for the past couple of years on SEO assistance and redesigning our website. From the leadership to the staff, they all have significant experience in their areas of expertise. "

Merlin C

"This team continues to over service. Great partner to have in this digital spider web that gets more confusing everyday."

Jillian H

"This group produces 'weapons grade' SEO and digital marketing. They're my go-to for strategic insights and tactical excellence."

Nick H

"If you want excellent service and SEO assistance, you're at the right place!"

Annette K

"Through my academic position with Western University, I had the opportunity to work and consult with Ontario SEO in the development of a web based research initiative. "

Adam P

"Ontario SEO has made a huge difference in the performance of our website. Their team is wonderful to deal with at every level. "

Daphne B

"Ontario SEO has proven to be completely reliable and agile - always responding quickly and professionally."

Neil H

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We know digital marketing, and we want to share our insights with you.

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