We know digital marketing and we want to share our insights with you. Below is a curated list of SEO, PPC, analytics and social media marketing resources for you to improve your digital marketing prowess.

SEO Resources

SEO Basics

SEO 101 Glossary

A glossary of SEO & digital marketing terms that can help you better understand your online marketing team.

The Anatomy of the SERP

A breakdown of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

What are Featured Snippets?

Learn all about Google’s featured snippets and the various types.

What is White Hat SEO?

Are you playing by the rules? Learn all about white hat SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Have you gone to the dark side? Learn all about black hat SEO.

The 7 Deadly Sins of SEO

These seven deadly sins could be the death of your first page rankings.

Technical SEO Issues

A list of the most common technical SEO issues that should be monitored for and fixed whenever they appear. 

SEO How-Tos

How to Read Your Report

Are you an Ontario SEO client? Here is a guide to reading your monthly report.

How to Verify & Claim Your Google Business Profile

Take control of your digital business card by following this guide to claim & verify your GBP.

How to Optimize for the Right Organic Traffic

Learn how to optimize your website for the *right* organic traffic.

How to Optimize a Website for Voice Search

Learn how to position your company to leverage voice search.

How to Create SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Read these tips to learn how to make your blog content SEO-friendly.

How to Do Competitor Research

Get to know your organic competitors with these tips on how to do competitor research.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Resources

PPC Basics & Guides

Manual vs Automated Bidding Strategies on Google Ads

Learn about the differences, pros, and cons of manual vs. automated bidding on Google Ads.

Guide to Google Discovery Ads

Do you know about Google Discovery Ads? Read this in-depth guide to learn all about it.

Google Display Advertising

Reach customers on billions of websites that target them directly.

PPC How-Tos

How to Set Up a Meta (Facebook) Pixel

Understand the different types of ads available on the Meta advertising platform.

How to Create a Great Call to Action

Learn how to create effective call-to-actions to get more actions, conversions, & revenue.

Analytics Resources

Comparing Metrics in Universal Analytics to GA4

Learn which metrics are different and how Ontario SEO can help with GA4.

Social Media Marketing Resources

Tips for a better business Instagram

Find out how to improve your Instagram business page & how to reach a broader audience.

7 B2B Tips for Being Effective on LinkedIn

Learn how to make LinkedIn part of your regular networking activities.