Google display ads are intuitive visual ads shown across a variety of websites and Google-owned platforms (such as YouTube and Gmail). Display ads reach audiences across many platforms on a global scale. That’s a powerful tool for your marketing plan.

With so many options available for display ads, it’s easy to create an ineffective ad that costs you thousands of dollars without results. You need experienced marketing professionals to craft an expert strategy that gets results quickly. That’s where we come in.

Our campaign design process ensures your ads are polished, on-brand, and target your audience with persuasive copy and visuals that engage and drive traffic to your site.

What Are the Benefits of Google Display Advertising?

The Google Display Network uses over 2 billion websites worldwide to deliver your display ads, reaching over 90% of internet users. When people are browsing sites, reading articles, or watching videos, they can see your ad. The benefits of Google Display advertising include:

  • Reach – With more than 2 billion websites where your ads can be viewed, Google Displays ads help increase your brand awareness and more traffic to your website.
  • Audience Targeting – You can target the right customer on the right website through keywords, placement, interests and topics, location, and language.
  • Cost – Google Display adverting is cost-effective and is suitable for a variety of budgets. When running Google Display ads, you can pay per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM).
  • Multiple Ad Formats – Images, video, and audio ads of different sizes can be used to create a striking ad campaign that is engaging and captures potential customers.
  • Remarket to Potential Customers – If a visitor does not convert one their first visit, don’t squander the opportunity. Bring them back with remarking ads and present a stronger, more compelling value proposition or even a better offer.

Different Types of Google Display Ads

Responsive ads

These types of display ads are automatically generated by Google using the assets you provide. Responsive ads combine a library of visual assets (images, videos, logos) with our expert ad copy to automatically generate a unique ad based on the user and ad placement.

We’ll monitor your account performance as Google tests different combinations to determine which version of your ad performs best. We then use that information to fine-tune the asset library to generate the best possible ad combinations.

Responsive Display ad on Google Ads

Standard Display

Standard display ads are created by your graphic designer or our in-house ad creation team. Standard display ads offer full control over how your ads display, but it will only be shown when the ad placement is the correct size and orientation. We will generate your ad in a variety of sizes and ensuring that a version of your ad is eligible to appear in all the places where Google Display ads are shown.

Standard Display ad on Google Ads

Recommended Display Ad Sizes

For standard display ads, it’s important to keep the size of your ads in mind as you plan your campaign, especially because the sizes can vary dramatically between mobile and desktop versions.

For mobile, the most common sizes include:

  • 300 x 200
  • 300 x 50
  • 300 x 100

For desktop, you’ll need:

  • 300 x 250
  • 336 x 280
  • 728 x 90
  • 300 x 600
  • 160 x 600
  • 970 x 90
  • 468 x 60

Both mobile and desktop devices can use 250 x 250 and 200 x 200.

Ontario SEO Google Display Advertising Services

Ontario SEO is a Google Partner, and our team is Google Display certified.

We offer a full suite of Google Display advertising services. We will create, execute, measure, and maintain the following:

  • Comprehensive Display campaign strategy & structure
  • Custom Display Audience targeting
  • Display Remarketing
  • Display CTR and & Bid Optimization
  • Display ad creation and Ad optimization
  • Integration & Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics

Choose Ontario SEO for Your Google Display Advertising Needs

With the right partner, Google Display advertising is a smart, cost-effective way to achieve your marketing goals. At Ontario SEO, we’re a team of high-specialized, certified experts who are experienced in helping clients get the most out of Google Display advertising.

Ready to get started with Google Display advertising? We’re eager to show you what you can achieve with our expert advice and attentive team on your side.