When you search online for your product or service, what shows up at the top of your Google search results? If it’s not your website, you’re missing out on thousands of potential customers. Every Google search is a unique opportunity to generate new leads—fast. Our team of diverse marketing experts have crafted effective, compelling Google search ads for clients across industries.

We take the guesswork out of your digital advertising and allow you to focus on what matters most: running your business effectively. Leave all the complicated marketing jargon—copywriting, keyword research, ad management, and measurement to us.

How do Google Search Ads work?

Each time a user types a query into Google that has some commercial intent behind it, ads are displayed to the user (usually above the organic search results). Search ads are an excellent way to directly target new customers because you know they are looking for what you have to offer.

For every search, a real-time auction determines whose ads will display. This is based on a number of factors including the amount advertisers are willing to pay for the click, as well as the quality of the ad copy, and the post-click website experience.

The options for targeting Google Search Ads are based on a variety of factors that you can control at a granular level, and you only pay if a user clicks on your ad, even if your ad has attracted thousands of views.

Smart, effective ad copy is key for attracting clicks, especially because Google’s character restrictions mean that you have limited space to make a great impression. We have years of experience writing Google Search ad copy – leverage our expertise for your benefit.

Ontario SEO Google Search Ads Services

Our team of Google Ads specialists will tailor a Google Search ad campaign to meet your business goals. Our Google Ads services include:

  • Comprehensive campaign strategy & structure
  • Keyword research
  • Custom Search Audience targeting
  • Search Remarketing
  • CTR and & Bid Optimization
  • Copywriting and Ad optimization
  • Integration & Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics

Different Types of Search Ads

Responsive Ads

This is the standard type of Google Search Ads, where the advertiser provides a variety of headlines (up to 15) and descriptions (up to 4) that can be used to generate an ad. Google will then test different combinations of headline and descriptions to find the most effective ad for a given search query.

Dynamic Ads

These are ads that pull keywords automatically from your website to target searches and create ads. Although the automation does the heavy lifting here, it does mean that you have little control over how and when your ads display, and that can mean that they aren’t targeted as effectively as they could be, especially if you don’t have a website with a lot of easily categorized content. We can help by creating smart, informative content for your site that Google then turns into traffic and engagement.

Call-Only Ads

Call only ads are ads specifically created for mobile users so that they can click on an ad to directly call your business. We’ll craft efficient, persuasive copy for your ads that will have your phone ringing off the hook.

Remarketing Lists

Remarketing List for Search Ads (RSLA) is a powerful approach to capture lost attention through Google Search ads. RSLA’s allow you to modify your search keyword bids to target individuals who have previously visited your website.

Why Should I Choose Ontario SEO?

We have a highly specialized team of digital marketers that are constantly updating their skills and testing the latest strategies for Google Search ads. Our team of Google Search ad experts are each Google Ads certified and are well-versed in helping clients get the most out of their online advertising budget. We treat every client and their business as if it was our own and dedicate the time needed to understand your business and its target audience. Contact us today for a free consultation.