Get more bang for your buck with smart Google Ads campaign management.

Clients often ask us: what’s a good way to get to the top of Google’s search engine results page quickly? Our answer: Google Ads.  

Google Ads is a pay-per-click platform and is a way to generate leads while you are waiting for your SEO strategies to take flight or as part of a larger cross-channel marketing strategy.  

Why are we so gung-ho about Google Ads? Apart from just being major Google nerds (I mean, we’re a Google Partner Agency after all), here are the main reasons we recommend Google Ads to our clients:

  1. Reach – Google is the world’s largest search engine, generating 3.5 billion searches per day. That means there’s plenty of opportunity to grab the attention of your target customer. 
  2. Targeting – Google provides opportunities to better target your customers by keyword, device, location, time, detailed demographics and much more. 
  3. Cost – Depending on the industry, the cost per click in Google ads is relatively low, which means you get more bang for your buck! 
  4. Competition – It’s more likely than not that your competitors are running ads on Google. Which means that no matter how high you rank organically on the SERP for your product/service keywords, your competitors’ ads could still appear above your organic listings.  
  5. Quick Results – SEO, while a necessary endeavor, can take months to reap the rewards of. Google Ads, on the other hand, can generate impressions & clicks almost immediately.

Don’t let machines guide your business decisions.

Sounds great, right? Well, it definitely can be…if you know what you’re doing.  

Over the last few years Google has made great strides in automating many aspects of Google Ads, which can give the impression that all you have to do is set up your campaign and let the robots take care of the rest. This is not true. While automation can provide some assistance to advertisers, Google Ads campaigns still need to be optimized and monitored by humans, especially ones who know what they’re doing. Otherwise, your campaigns are going to spend a lot of money without driving any meaningful or profitable results, making you question why you decided to invest in digital advertising in the first place. 

Benefits of Professional Google Ads Campaign Management

Here’s what you get when you have humans, specifically these humans, running your Google Ads campaigns: 

  • Highly targeted, qualified traffic for your product or services 
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI) 
  • Control over your ad costs and positioning 
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) 
  • Accurate testing and analysis of your customer data

If you want profitable results, you’re going to need us.

Google Ads Networks We Work With

Google Search

Google search ads are text ads that appear on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) when a user enters a keyword that you are bidding on. They have the same look and feel as organic listings, the only major difference being that a small Ad icon appears next to your site’s URL, as well as some other SERP features (such as callout text, price extensions, location extensions, etc.) that are exclusive to Google Ads. Search ads are a great solution for businesses that want to capture customers at the exact moment they are ready to make a purchase.

screenshot of one of Ontario SEO’s search ads.

Google Display

The Google Display network hosts image ads on Google partner sites, in apps, beside YouTube videos, and within Gmail. Display ads are a great top-of-funnel strategy to spread brand awareness as well as retarget website visitors who haven’t converted at a very reasonable cost.

Google Shopping

The Google Shopping Network hosts ads that pull product listing information from Google’s Merchant Centre under the Shopping tab and, in some cases, in a Google Shopping carousel at the top of the SERP. Google Shopping makes the buyer journey even simpler by pulling related product listing ads directly into the SERP without the user having to navigate through multiple websites to find what they’re looking for. It’s a great solution for online retailers to showcase their individual products and drive more online purchases. 

screenshot of the Google Shopping tab showing results for the query ‘chair’.

YouTube Ads

Since YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube’s advertising network is run through the Google Ads platform. YouTube’s network hosts video ads that can be shown before, during or after a video is played on YouTube. Much like the display network, YouTube ads are great at promoting brand awareness.

Google Discovery Ads

Google’s Discovery Network hosts personalized, visual ads that appear on Google’s mobile discovery feed, in the mobile Google App, YouTube’s mobile feed, and Gmail’s social & promotions tabs. With the option to utilize the carousel ad format, it’s a great way to get across your brand story to a highly targeted audience.

mobile screenshot of an ad in the Google discover feed.

Google Local Campaigns 

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, Google’s Local Campaigns are a great strategy to drive offline sales as they are designed to promote physical store locations. These ads show up across the Search Network, Google Maps, YouTube, and the Display network to customers within a certain proximity to your store. The best part about these ads is that they are trackable, since Google uses the searcher’s phone location history to determine if they visited a store location after seeing your ad.

How We’ll Make Your Google Ads Campaign Profitable

Goal-Driven Campaigns 

All of our client campaigns are run with a clear goal in mind to ensure money isn’t being wasted. Our Google Ads experts will always keep your business goals in mind each time they manage your account to ensure your goals are driving their strategy. 

Smart Keyword Management 

A good keyword list is one that is refined on a continual basis. Our Google Ads experts keep tabs on important keyword data points like click-through-rate (CTR), conversions (leads), quality score, and more to ensure your money is being spent only on keywords that are proven to drive results. This also means regularly reviewing Google Ads’ search term report to add negative keywords to prevent paying for irrelevant clicks. 

Strategic Bid Management 

Whether your account is using an automated or manual bidding strategy, our Google ads experts will make strategic bid adjustments on keywords, devices, locations, audiences, etc. to ensure your ads are getting in front of users who are the most likely to convert.  

On-Brand Ad Copy/Creative & Optimizations 

Not to toot our own horns or anything but we have a proven track record for developing ad creative that is not only on-brand but also drives action. How? We use data to inform our ad creative decisions. Our experts will continually optimize your ad creative by A/B testing, pausing underperforming ads, and writing new ones to keep things fresh.

Transparent Ad Account Setup Process

Avoid ad disapprovals and costly targeting errors by trusting our team to ensure your Google Ads account is launched correctly the first time. Already have an account? We will connect to your existing account and identify more opportunities to maximize your ROI. 

Your campaigns are only as good as the people who run them. 

Ad Group Management 

Our Google Ads experts will continually assess the need to refine or restructure your ad groups for better ad relevancy. In case you don’t know, good ad relevancy means more clicks, more conversions, and more money in your pocket.  

Landing Page Testing & Optimization 

Google weighs landing page experience heavily both organically and in paid advertising. That’s why our Google Ads experts closely monitor your landing page performance and make recommendations based off of those findings. 

Partner with an agency that treats your ads as an investment, not just an expense. 

Ontario SEO is made up of a caring team of certified industry experts who have experience in managing successful Google Ads campaigns. By choosing to work with us you can feel confident knowing that your business goals are driving our campaign strategy.