What is Google Ads and Does My Business Need It?

Google Ads, also known as pay-per-click advertising or PPC, is a paid advertising service through the Google advertising network. And YES, your business does really need it!

Why? Because implementing a PPC campaign will help you do the following more quickly than you ever thought possible:

  • Build your brand
  • See an immediate increase in your traffic and leads
  • Quickly grow your customer base and remarketing list for future promotions

What are the Benefits of a Google Ads Campaign?

The benefits that come from using Google Ads are almost endless. For starters, online advertising will immediately bring you highly targeted, qualified traffic that’s looking to buy what you have to offer. You will also enjoy instant visibility, complete control over your ad costs and positioning, a rapid return on your investment, a low cost per client acquisition, the ability to accurately test and analyze all customer data, and be able to identify the keywords and phrases that ultimately lead to a click. You can also immediately optimize changes based on your analytics.

What Can Ontario SEO Do for My Business?

Ontario SEO offers a wide variety of pay-per-click advertising services and a highly-specialized team of experts who know exactly how to find the best keywords and phrases that will bring you the highest ROI possible.

Google Ads Services

Ontario SEO offers a full suite of Google Ads services, such as:

Ontario SEO will begin setting up your PPC campaigns by performing the following:

  • Extensive research for high ROI keywords and phrases.
  • Customized campaign setup using professional ad copy.
  • Fully integrated web analytics and thorough progress monitoring and auditing.

We will then manage you campaigns on an ongoing basis for the following:

  • Keyword Management 
    We identify the keywords that have the highest conversion rates – bringing in the most business or the best sales leads. These keywords are individually managed to maximize both clicks and profitability. In addition to the top-performing keywords we also continually identify poorly performing keywords to reduce campaign costs and eliminate non-converting traffic.
  • Negative Keyword Management 
    Through regular monitoring of search queries, we refine your campaigns by excluding keywords that are wasting your budget or that are not targeting the right audience for your business. A well-maintained negative keyword list can save you money and lead to more clicks.
  • Bid Management 
    We manage your bids on an individual keyword basis. We make sure you’re not bidding too high on keywords that don’t convert to paying customers, or too low on the small group of keywords that bring in the bulk of your business or sales leads.
  • Landing Page Testing & Optimization 
    Every month we test your landing pages as part of an ongoing attempt to extract higher conversion rates in every part of your campaign. We’ll make slight changes and then run split tests to see which pages deliver a higher conversion rate. Done correctly, this will deliver incremental increases in campaign ROI month over month.
  • Ad Group Structure 
    As new, profitable keywords are added to your keyword list they sometimes find themselves in less than perfect ad groups. We continually refine and restructure your ad groups to maximize the efficiency and relevancy of your profitable keywords.
  • Conversions & Profitability 
    A focus on high click-through rates and traffic volume can cost you a lot of money if it doesn’t result in orders or profitable sales leads. We focus on conversions and profitability and manage your campaign with that in mind. Our analytics-driven approach means that you’ll be able to see the progress being made every month and, make budget, and marketing decisions based on hard data.

Then Ontario SEO provides you with the following:

  • Detailed monthly progress reports.
  • A budget analysis with cost-saving recommendations
  • Data analysis and recommendations, you can use in your other marketing efforts

Why Should I Choose Ontario SEO?

Ontario SEO is made up of a highly specialized team of industry experts who know how to develop, promote, and manage your Google Ads campaigns. Our team knows that pay-per-click campaigns are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. In fact, if your Google Ads campaigns are not done right, you could end up wasting thousands of dollars. We are certified Google Partners who have the track record and experience to manage Google Ads campaigns of any size.

If you would like more information about how to skyrocket your ROI using Google Ads, please contact us for a free consultation or audit of your existing campaigns. We would love to show you just how cost-effective properly implemented PPC campaigns can be!