SEO Tips for Local Businesses This Holiday Season 

Abi Benincasa, Organic Search Specialist at Ontario SEO
Abi Benincasa
December 3, 2020
Christmas Shopping Online - SEO Tips for the Holidays

2020 has put a whole new spin on “home for the holidays”. With people being instructed to stay safely nestled in the homes this winter, there are more than just visions of sugar plums dancing through their heads.  

People are creating lists for their holiday shopping and they are turning online to find the items they are looking for. Whether users are logging on to locate a local shop that is practicing social distancing or if they are purchasing the products directly from your website, there is no holiday season more important to be visible online than this one!  

Follow these tips to help you stay connected with your customers online throughout the holidays.  

Be Accessible to Customers Online

With more people working and spending their evenings from home it is important for you to stay connected to your customers. The best way to do this is to make your business as visible online as possible. As a local business during the holidays, it is imperative that your Google My Business listing is up to date and showing off your business in the best light possible.  

Here is a List (and Check it Twice) of Tips to Optimize Your GMB Listing  

  1. Utilize Google My Business Posts  

Do you have something fun going on at your business this holiday season? Maybe you are running a promotion or a sweet giveaway. Make sure you show off all your holiday offerings on your Google My Business posts. Include photos with your posts to show off your quality promotions.  

  1. Update Your Business Hours  

Make sure that if you have different operating hours around the holidays or due to the pandemic that you have this accurately reflected on your Google My Business listing. You want to make sure that people know how to access you and when they can access you.  

  1. Update Your Google My Business Attributes  

Make sure your attributes accurately reflect how your business will be operating during the pandemic. Google My Business has come out with multiple attributes that are shown to users that help demonstrate the details of your business operations including in-person, online services, appointments and delivery or pick-up. They have even rolled out attributes related to safety measures for in-person shopping.  

Displaying the correct attributes to your customers will help take some of the anxiety out of their holiday shopping this year. People visiting your location or ordering from your business online will know exactly what to expect from their experience.  

  1. Add Products and Services  

If you have these features available on your Google My Business listing, make sure you are using them! Adding products and services to your listing is a great way to gain local organic visibility as well as showing your customers your entire offering.  

The product feature on GMB allows you to add descriptions, prices, imagery, and links to your products on your website. This is a great place for users to (browser) window shop and see your items for sale before entering the storefront or to direct customers where they can purchase the item online.  

  1. Publish Images  

Often underestimated, posting images of your products, location and services to your GMB profile can help build trust and credibility for your business. These do not have to be professional photographs; your smartphone will work just fine. Show off how you are celebrating the holidays at your location and connect with customers. Remember a picture says 1000 words.  

Show Off Your Holiday Cheer and Connect with Shoppers Online 

There is nothing the world needs more right now than a little joy, and this is a perfect time for you to spread some. Make sure you are active on your social media pages, keeping your website up to date and engaging with your customers through e-mail marketing. 

Remember that your content does not have to be fully focused on sales and your products or services. It is a time to share your successes and build brand affinity with your customers. If you are participating in any charitable efforts this holiday season or helping support bigger movements make sure you share this online. It is the season of giving after all, and your potential customers would love to see that you give back.  

Shop Safe & Shop Local This Holiday Season 

Though the 2020 holidays may not look the same as other years, it is still time to celebrate communities coming together (even if it is through virtual platforms). Make sure you support your local businesses this holiday season as you are beginning your shopping.  

Here is a list of some our staff’s favourite local shops and stores: