Google Business Profile Audits

Dominate Local Searches with our Comprehensive Google Business Profile Audits

A strong Google Business Profile is the linchpin of any Local SEO plan. Elevate your online presence and ensure your business stands out in the digital landscape, by harnessing the power of Google Business Profiles (GBP), formally known as Google My Business (GMB).

In today’s highly competitive market, a strong online presence is crucial for attracting new customers. Our expert team of SEO specialists will conduct comprehensive audits of your Google Business Profile, offering valuable insights, and implementing strategies to boost your visibility, credibility, and engagement. Whether you’re a local business or a large multi-location corporation, our audit services are tailored to suit your unique needs, helping you unlock the full potential of your online identity.  

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Reclaim Your Local Presence

Our team of Google Business Profile experts are committed to your success. GBP Audits are a crucial part of your marketing strategy that can:

Boost Local Visibility

Ensure your business stands above your competitors in local searches, reaching your target audience effortlessly.

Drive Website Traffic

Increase the number of visitors that click through to your website and boost online engagement.

Quality Leads

Convert in-market visitors into high-quality leads and, ultimately, loyal customers.

Revenue Growth

Drive substantial revenue growth as a result of your optimized, highly visible GBP listing.

Stay Ahead

Keep your business competitive by outperforming rivals in the local market.

What is included in a Google Business Profile Audit?

A comprehensive Google Business Profile Audit encompasses the following critical areas:

1. Listing Accuracy

We verify that all your business information, such as name, address, and phone number, is accurate and consistent.

2. Profile Completeness

We ensure your GBP is fully optimized with engaging content, including high-quality photos and videos, business descriptions, and operating hours.

3. Customer Reviews

We assess the quality and quantity of customer reviews, and make recommendations for enhancing your online reputation.

4. Category Relevance

We confirm that your business is categorized correctly to reach the right target audience.

5. Keyword Optimization

We analyze your GBP for relevant keywords and phrases, helping you rank higher in local search results.

6. Competitor Analysis

We evaluate your local competitors to identify opportunities for differentiation and market positioning.

7. Performance Metrics

We provide insights into how your GBP is performing, tracking key metrics like clicks, views, and customer actions.

8. Leverage Features

We are experts in leveraging the custom features available to your business category. We will also add new and beta features to maximize your online profile.

9. Posts

We will recommend a post frequency and can provide ongoing support for posting new content to your profile.

10. Policy Compliance

We meticulously review and optimize every aspect of your profile, guaranteeing that you stay in compliance with Google’s guidelines.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your Google Business Profile? Transform your online presence with tailored GBP audit services for businesses of all sizes. Unlock your digital potential now.

“The team at Ontario SEO take pride in the work they do and deliver. I was blown away by the amount of feedback we got from a company audit we did on our SEO at Caring Support. They also lined us up with tasks that needed to be completed and explained the process of completing them. Worth every dollar spent! Great job! Thank you!”

– Joseph J

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