Why your Business should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently reported the site boasts more than 460 million members. Not only does this networking site have an impressive number of users, but these people are not here to play around. LinkedIn is designed to facilitate lucrative connections and build a business. That means people are using LinkedIn with a purpose: to interact with exceptional professionals and great companies that can meet their needs.

What are LinkedIn Advertising Services?

LinkedIn ads are a strategic way of reaching the right audience or industry that you are targeting. LinkedIn ads pools the data of its users through specific demographic targeting. It’s a highly effective business-to-business (B2B) marketing platform that can generate leads that turn into loyal customers.

When leveraged effectively with a strategic online marketing plan, you can target specific groups of people based on the same qualities they use to set themselves apart on LinkedIn. Some of the ways you can narrow your target market include:

  • Job function and title
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Company characteristics such as size
  • Education level, schools attended and level of experience
  • Age
  • Gender
  • And so much more!

The more specific you are about who you want to advertise your business to, the more likely it is you’ll attract people who will actually be interested in your unique selling features. This means, you are using your ad dollars effectively – mitigating cost and maximizing results.

How Ontario SEO’s LinkedIn Advertising Services Can Generate More Leads

Ontario SEO has spent over a decade learning what works when it comes to social advertising. So, we know what attracts leads that are likely to convert, and we also know what to avoid ensuring you are not throwing valuable dollars away on social media advertising that won’t peak your target markets’ interests.

Gone are the days when you could cast a broad digital net that would capture the masses and bait them to visit your site or become endeared to your products. It’s so important to focus on generating qualified leads by using buyer persona-focused content marketing to increase, not only the number of engagements with your ads, but also the number of people who convert into customers and purchases.

Our Collaborative Digital Marketing Model Works

We’ll work with you to develop marketing personas that best reflect the wants and needs of your potential customers. Then, we’ll create custom ads with engaging content that convince these LinkedIn users that your business is the best choice to meet their needs.

Ontario SEO will integrate your social media platforms with your website, so no matter where your customers find you, they’ll encounter a brand that is professional, approachable, and entices them to learn more. Book a consultation with our team of experts today and let us show you the results we’ve attained for other clients. We’ll show we are the right choice to position you as an industry leader on LinkedIn – and across the digital board.

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