Must-Know Digital Advertising Updates for Fall 2023

October 19, 2023
Must-Know Digital Advertising Updates - Ontario SEO

Digital advertising platforms are constantly making updates in response to changes in user behaviour and legislation. Google Ads, Meta, and X (Twitter) are no exception. In this blog, we break down all of the latest updates that advertisers should know.

1. X Partners with the Google Display Network

X has made the strategic decision to collaborate with the Google Display Network. Since Elon Musk took control, X’s ad revenue has experienced a substantial decline. As a result, the social platform opted to outsource the sale of certain ad spaces. According to Tom Ruff, head of social at a digital marketing agency called Journey, the success of this partnership depends on how the two companies share their data.

With this change, advertisers will gain access to X’s home feed inventory through Google Ads Display campaigns. In addition to this, advertisers will have the opportunity to reach X’s audience using Google Ads’ targeting tools. However, since X lacks stringent ad guidelines, there is increased potential for your campaign to be displayed alongside unrestricted or offensive content.

2. X Plans to Launch a Two-Tier Premium Subscription

In another effort to recover lost ad revenue, Elon Musk has revealed the impending launch of two additional tiers for X Premium subscriptions. The first option will be priced lower than the existing $8 per month plan but will not feature a reduction in ads. On the other hand, the second option, at a higher cost, will offer an ad-free experience. Musk says the intention is to transition X into a paid platform for all users, to address the prevalent issue of widespread bot activity. However, the adoption of the zero-ad subscription may affect advertising spend if fewer users will see ads.

3. Google Ads Releases Demand Gen

Google Ads has now globally introduced Demand Gen, its AI-powered visual campaign type that was tailor-made as an alternative for social platform advertisers. Demand Gen is designed to simplify the customer journey, by providing advertisers opportunities to be visible with compelling creative during the awareness phase of the path to purchase. This Google Ads product is crafted to facilitate site visits, and lead actions across entertainment-focused touchpoints, including YouTube Shorts (not available in other campaign inventories), Discover, and Gmail. Demand Gen brings forth a range of new features, expanded inventory, and insightful analytics, coupled with an improved ad creation process to engage audiences.

4. Meta Plans to Introduce Ad-Free Subscriptions on Facebook & Instagram

Meta plans to introduce a subscription service priced at $14 per month for an ad-free experience on Facebook and Instagram in Europe. This move aligns with the company’s response to the European Union’s Digital Services Act, set to take effect on January 1, 2024. The new regulations aim to restrict platforms from delivering personalized ads without obtaining prior consent.

Final Thoughts

Change is the one constant in digital advertising. If you need help navigating the complexity of the digital ads space, we can help.