Wayne Atkinson, Ontario SEO

With two decades of marketing experience, including fourteen years devoted to Search Engine Marketing, President and Digital Marketing Strategist Wayne Atkinson relies on his in-depth knowledge of the rapidly evolving SEM and SEO industries to create effective online marketing campaigns that maximize online visibility and generate business for Ontario SEO’s clients.

As a seasoned marketing professional, Wayne has experience in creating robust, dynamic SEM and SEO strategies for a wide range of companies and is uniquely positioned to identify industry-specific areas of opportunity in their earliest stages of development.

Wayne got into the SEO business by beginning as a digital marketing consultant, advising his clients on how to optimize their websites and improve their online presence. Before long, he realized that many of his clients lacked the time, resources and technical expertise to implement the changes he recommended. He easily transitioned into a data-driven SEO provider and delivers quality, creativity and accountability to all of the clients he works with.

Wayne's Latest Blog Posts

How SEO Killed the Cold Call

How SEO Killed the Cold Call

March 7, 2023

Gone are the days of salespeople calling your home phone trying to sell their latest product. Though this still happens (thanks, telemarketers), it’s not nearly as effective as it was […]