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Facebook Ad Formats You Should Know About

With over two billion people using Facebook every month, and Facebook owning Instagram, it is no surprise that Facebook advertising has become a popular avenue for digital advertising.

Facebook ads are cost effective, detailed with targeting, and are excellent for top of funnel sales. Facebook ads can be displayed in many different places on Facebook such as:

  • Desktop and Mobile Newsfeed
  • Right Column
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network
Facebook Ad Placements

But did you know, there are more sophisticated ways to run Facebook ads than using the “Boost Post” button?

Facebook Ads

Facebook’s “Boost Post” option is a convenient way to promote a post you already created. However, you are limited on your audience targeting, marketing objectives, and the appearance of your ad.

Instead of using “Boost Post”, consider using Facebook business manager, and try their Ad Manager or Power Editor interface. Ads Manager geared more for beginners and Power Editor for more advanced users. These ad interfaces will give you access to a wider range of ad formats and targeting tools, that can make your advertising much more effective and drive a higher ROI.

Choosing a Facebook Ad Objective

Facebook Ads in Ad Manager/ Power Editor start with an objective. Depending on what your marketing goals are for Facebook ads, Facebook offers different kinds of ad objectives to get the best results for your marketing dollars. Here is a list of current Facebook objectives:

  • App Installs – If your trying to promote an app, this ad objective will encourage people to download it
  • Brand Awareness – This ad objective targets those who are more likely to click your ad if introduces a new brand
  • Conversions – Use this objective when you want the Facebook user to do a specific action. Such as signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing something
  • Engagement – This ad objective is targeted at gaining more reach, by getting people to like, comment, share, or view your post
  • Lead Generation- This objective allows you to collect information via a form directly in the Facebook interface
  • Reach –Get the maximum number of people to see your post.
  • Store Visits- If you have more than one location to your business, create scalable and locally-relevant campaigns to ensure it drives customers to in-store visits.
  • Traffic – Use this objective when you want people to go to a certain page on your website for a promotion, new release of a product, a blog etc.
  • Video Views – Use this objective to get more views on your videos

Choosing the right Facebook ad format for your Business

Once you choose the objective that matches your goals, a standard ad usually has an image or a video, but there are four other ways you can display your ads that could compel your audience more effectively.

Facebook Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are a more interactive way of displaying your ad. Instead of one image, you can choose to display up to 10 images or videos to help convey your story. Based on Digiday, carousel ads are 10 times more effective at getting people to click through.

Facebook Carousel Ad

Instagram Ads

Facebook advertisers have the option to utilize Instagram for their advertising. 60% of people on Instagram say they discover new products on the platform. Sometimes, depending on your industry, you may want to target only through Instagram if you know that most of your audience is on that network. However, there are some things you need to be aware of:

  • Make sure your Instagram account is a business Instagram account.
    1. Allows business display call-to-actions such as “Call”, “Email”, “Directions”
    2. Allows you to get insights on your posts so that you can track and measure which organic posts work best
    3. Let’s you create Instagram ads directly on Instagram
  • Instagram video ads can only be 60 seconds long vs. 120mins for Facebook
Instagram Ad

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, like Snapchat allows marketers to create ads to complement the content made in the Instagram feed. Instagram stories play between your followers’ stories. Since they blend in, you have to make sure you make an appealing and compelling enough ad in order to make an impact on the user. 250M people use Instagram Stories, and it lets you create a more interactive ad.

Instagram Stories Ad

Collection Ads

Facebook Collection ads are perfect for businesses that are trying to showcase their product catalog or product features. Underneath the standard layout of the ad, it lists below 4 of your products or features you are trying to promote.

Canvas Ads

If you’re looking for something dramatic, and super interactive, Canvas ads are the choice. Canvas ads provide full-screen experiences for your customer. People can watch videos, or swipe through photos to keep the attention of your customers longer.

Ultimately, if you have the right objective, and the correct ad type chosen, you will more than likely reach the customers you are trying to reach. However, it doesn’t hurt to try other ad types such as the ones mentioned above to see if they can further improve the reach to your customers.

The team at Ontario SEO are specialists in Paid Social Media Marketing. We can help you develop a Facebook marketing strategy, or we can setup and manage your social media advertising for you. We will work with you to determine your goals and objectives to ensure you get the most effective method of advertising for your business. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.