The GA4 Migration Will Copy Your UA Property to a Basic Version

Mason DeLargie
Mason DeLargie
February 13, 2023
Tips to avoid GA4 auto-migration

Starting on July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics standard properties will stop collecting data. Google recommends switching to GA4 now so all users will have time to configure their account with a GA4 property. In March, GA4 will set up a property for you with basic settings if you have not done so yourself. These settings may not be as thorough as your UA property which may lead to disruptions in traffic tracking. 

What Can Be Done?

We recommend setting up the GA4 property yourself. Having full control over as much of the GA4 migration as possible is important for continuity of data collection and helps to ensure a smooth transition to the latest version of Google Analytics. Below is a screenshot of how to opt out of the automatic property creation. 

Instructions for opting out of GA4 auto-migration

In GA4, there is a “Setup Assistant” checklist that outlines the 12 steps that need to be addressed to avoid an automatic migration. You should make sure these 12 steps have been setup in a way that you want them to, but at the very least you should mark them as “complete”, even if you have not done them. This ensures Google will not try to migrate that aspect of your account for you.

Is the GA4 Migration a Little Too Much?

Enlisting the help of a professional is another way to make sure you are in the clear for the big GA4 launch in July. Ontario SEO has helped dozens of clients with their GA4 migration, and we can help you too.