Google Tests SGE AI Overviews in the U.S

April 4, 2024
Google Tests SGE AI Overviews in the U.S

Google has rolled out testing of it’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) to all users in the US. If you are in the US and searching on Google, you might come across AI-generated overviews in-place of traditional results, even if you have not opted-in to the Google search labs experiment.

Google’s SGE AI Overviews Test and its Objective

Google’s generative AI technology has been trained to identify complex queries where it can provide more valuable results than the regular Google Search. Such queries involve questions that require information from multiple web pages, such as “how do I remove marks from painted walls.” Additionally, AI-powered overviews will only be displayed when they provide significant additional value to users, and when they offer a superior response compared to what can be found through traditional Google Search methods.

According to Google, the objective of this test is to get feedback and learn how the general population will find this technology helpful. Therefore, Google has decided to expand the test to those beyond who have opted in for this experiment. It may expand the test outside of the US overtime.

How Does this Affect the Google Search Results

Google will continue to prioritize methods that drive valuable traffic to publishers. As a part of this initiative, they are displaying more links to sites with SGE in search results, which creates new opportunities for content to be discovered. Moreover, Google will continue to show ads in and around these new AI overview experiences. While it is unclear whether this will translate into more website traffic, the fact that Google is testing it outside of the search labs is a significant development.

Why We Care

The amount of traffic to your website may decrease or increase depending on where the citations are sourced from and where Google positions the ads. Businesses can make their content more easily discoverable through AI-powered search features like AI Overviews by gaining insights into its process and implementing adjustments in digital marketing strategy accordingly.

By staying ahead of the curve and optimizing your content for emerging search trends, you can position your business for success in an increasingly AI-driven search environment.