Google Accused of Stealing Content & Data for AI Development

August 4, 2023
Google gets sued for stealing publicly available information to develop their AI.

Google is facing accusations of illegally utilizing copyrighted content and unlawfully obtaining personal information to develop its AI products. If Google is found guilty of these charges, the marketers using their AI products could end up paying the price in the near future. 

What Happened?

A class action lawsuit was filed by 8 individuals who claim that Google has violated federal privacy and consumer protection laws. The plaintiffs have stated that Google has been stealing content created and shared by millions of Americans. Not only has Google stolen copywritten works to develop its AI products, but it has also been using private property to train its AI technologies. These claims and case developments show that Google continues to exploit publicly available information and user data to advance its business goals.  

Google’s legal team responded stating that they have been clear about using data from public sources to develop their technologies, including AI software like Bard. Google claims that US laws support the use of public information to benefit society. 

Why We Care

Digital marketers are increasingly relying on AI tools for content development, idea generation, strategic planning, and more. However, with the latest developments in Google’s lawsuit, using AI may be a risky practice that places marketers at a disadvantage.  

If it is determined that Google’s AI products are using illegally obtained content and data, this may lead to serious copyright violations. Such copyright issues can have significant implications for both advertisers and Google, as both parties would need to navigate legal challenges and find a resolution that respects copyright laws.  

These issues highlight the need for careful consideration when using AI technology to ensure that copyright laws are upheld, and individuals’ privacy is protected. If you need help understanding the implications that AI tools have on your business, Ontario SEO is here to help.