Instagram is Trying to Highlight More Original Content

Cassandra Schooley, Content Coordinator at Ontario SEO
Cassandra Schooley
May 20, 2022
Person viewing original content on Instagram – Ontario SEO

Instagram is improving its ranking algorithm to highlight more original content generated by creators. The announcement came from the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri. Many creators and businesses face large competition to rank in Instagram’s algorithm. While this attempt to focus on original content is being pushed by Instagram, it does come with potential challenges for businesses.

Instagram’s Attempts to Improve Rankings of Original Content

Instagram wants to encourage original content on its platform. The ranking algorithm update will help to push original content by creators instead of content that is being reposted. Adam Mosseri shared in the video announcement:

“If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you are resharing something that you found from someone else. [As such] we’re going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content.”

You can expect to see this being implemented in places like the Reels tab and a user’s Instagram feed. Instagram has shared that it will be less likely to be recommended a reposted Reel to someone if it already exists on the app. This also means that accounts that reshare other users’ content will be less likely to show up as recommendations.

How Does Instagram Decide What is “Original”?

In response to the video announcement on Twitter, Mosseri shared that while the app can’t know that content is completely original, it uses classifiers to help determine it. Instagram has built classifiers to help predict how likely something like a video or photo is original content. They shared that it looks at things like who is in the video and if the app has seen the video before. Posting history will also factor into determining if an account creates original content or it reshares content. Instagram warns that accounts that are aggregators will most likely see a decline in reach.

What This Means for You

Now is the time to be creating content that is original to your business. This new update will target content aggregators. If your business relies heavily on resharing content and reposting videos, now is the time to revaluate your social media strategy on Instagram.

It’s clear that Instagram wants to move away from accounts that reshare memes or repost content from TikTok. Instagram has made previous announcements that content with visible watermarks would be downranked. This is the next step in Instagram’s attempt to shift focus to original content creation.

Why We Care

Instagram’s feed heavily features content farmers who reshare and repost content. Those accounts can see large numbers in reach and engagement. Instagram is looking to slow those accounts down. Now is the time to evaluate your social media strategy and prioritize creating original content. Focus on creating video content that will excite your audience resulting in engagement. It’s also important to remember that like all updates on social media platforms, this is a work in progress. The attempts to push original content by Instagram may not be perfect during the initial launch of this algorithm update.

Social media marketing is a constantly changing landscape. Platforms like Instagram are always updating their algorithms, and that can impact your business. At Ontario SEO, we work to understand your business to create a social media strategy that is effective across channels and through digital transformations. Chat with us today about our social media marketing services and how they can help improve your Instagram presence.