Ontario SEO at Techsposure 2017 in London

Kim Atkinson Ontario SEO
Kim Atkinson
March 13, 2017
Ontario SEO at Techsposure

At the end of February I had the privilege of being part of the London Economic Development Corporation’s inaugural Techsposure event. Techsposure is a purposeful networking event that is intended to create business to business opportunities. People can meet local digital creative companies who are solving industry problems. It was a great evening, that opened doors and exposed businesses to technology solutions being developed right here in the London community.

Kim from Ontario SEO speaking at the Techsposure event

As there was only 3 minutes to provide our “Pitch” for Ontario SEO I decided to get creative and get the audience to participate in an activity. I asked that everyone in attendance take out their phones and search for the product or service that their potential customers might be looking for. The audience was directed not to search for brand names, but to search for what their prospective clients need to solve a problem. I asked the audience to consider, “what problem or need does your business solve?”. For example, our clients don’t only find us for “SEO” keywords, often it is for AdWords Management, Google Analytics consultation, or online lead generation.

I saw some smiling faces in the audience and was pleased to congratulate them “Fantastic! You’re doing something right!!”. Then it got a bit uncomfortable in the room and I could see glances between co-workers; their competitors were coming up in the results where they thought they should be.

Next, I announced a twist – that wasn’t the point of the exercise. The actual demonstration was to consider that when it comes to online marketing, each warm business lead consists of between 12 and 80 similar moments on digital devices. Each of these moments in a customer journey is a touchpoint for a business or brand to be visible and engage with their customers. The real purpose of the exercise was to evaluate “How many digital moments or touchpoints is your business or brand visible for?”

At Ontario SEO that is what we do! We design and implement those strategies so our clients’ businesses are visible at all points in the digital customer journey. It’s not about ranking for one or two key words, it’s about owning as much of the online Journey as you possibly can, and adding value at every step along the way. Whether it’s organic SEO, paid Google ads, organic or paid social media, or a combination of all of these, our job is to create and implement custom digital marketing strategies that improve your businesses’ bottom line.

After the presentation, our team got to speak to attendees who had a variety of responses to the exercise. There were business owners who were very pleased with their results, and individuals who found their company in the last spot on the first page – a scary place to be. For me the great news was the it got attendees thinking: what problem were they solving? What were people searching for? And what could they improve to make sure they came up in the search results?

If you haven’t already done a similar search, try it now – what are your clients searching for? Do you show up in the results? Don’t do just one search – think about the different moments in your customer’s purchasing journey when they may be searching for you.

Well? How did it go?

Contact us if you think you could improve our online visibility for your business’ services or keywords. We can help by auditing your website, offering digital marketing consulting services, or getting straight to work by acting as your complete digital marketing team, designing and implementing the right online strategy for your business.