Social Media Advertising Updates – Spring 2024

March 7, 2024
Social Media Ad Updates for Spring

As digital landscapes continue to evolve, social media platforms are rolling out new advertisement features, tools, and strategies to help businesses connect with their audiences more effectively. Let’s discover the latest advancements shaping the way brands engage and advertise across social media platforms this season.

Instagram expands Creator Marketplace to help brands find creators for ads

Instagram is updating its Creator Marketplace to help brands easily find the right creators for their ads and help creators get discovered by brands by using advanced recommendations and search filters. The platform will invite creators and brands from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Japan, India, Brazil, and Chinese export brands to join the Creator Marketplace in the coming weeks.

X’s surge in traffic for advertisers is fake

X experienced a major increase in traffic over the Super Bowl weekend, but over 75% of it was identified as fake or bot generated. This type of fake traffic not only wastes your budget but also makes it harder to improve your ads’ performance by giving you a wrong picture of who your real audience is.

Pinterest announces major ad partnership with Google

Pinterest has announced a new ad partnership with Google, making Google its second third-party ad partner after Amazon. This collaboration lets brands using Google Ads reach more active Pinterest users, potentially leading to better ROI. It provides an opportunity for more conversions and better engagement with valuable customers.

YouTube expands Content Takeovers to offer exclusive advertising on more inventory

YouTube is expanding its Content Takeovers, allowing brands to exclusively advertise on creator channels, playlists, and specific videos. This ensures the brand’s ad is the only ad viewers are seeing, especially during big events like the Super Bowl. The Content Takeover offers a chance to brands to reach more people and put the entire spotlight on their ad. However, it is important to consider the potential investment required, as Content Takeovers can come with a significant price tag.

Why We Care

These social media ad updates are important for digital marketers and businesses as they offer new avenues for effective audience engagement and collaboration. By staying informed about their updates, businesses can ensure their ads remain relevant and effective in reaching target audiences. More importantly, it is essential for maintaining a competitive edge and driving successful advertising outcomes.