Do the majority of your leads still come through phone calls?

The buying process has changed rapidly in the last few years. Mobile smartphones, tablets and the security in online shopping mean many customers are now using a multi-faceted approach to shopping. Buyers may start with online research & price checking, but many still ultimately end up in bricks & mortar locations to make that final purchase. Call Tracking integrated with your Google Analytics is one way you can measure how your online customers are translating into in-store clients. Call tracking allows you to record & measure every phone call that originated from someone looking at your website, paid advertising, or paid search campaign.


  • Know how clients are finding you (website, paid search ads, Facebook etc.)
  • User data on the caller including caller history, keywords searched, pages looked at or ads viewed
  • Caller details like gender, address & phone number
  • Quantify both online and offline leads & sales that originate from your website
  • Understand what your customers are looking for & what they are not finding on your website
  • Measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns in greater detail

What’s Included

  • Set up of your call tracking account and implementation of the appropriate call tracking code on your website
  • Integration of call tracking data with Google analytics and reporting
  • Full access to your tracking data and call history