Google improves the way URLs look in mobile search results

April 20, 2015
Google improves the way URLs look in mobile search results

At Ontario SEO we’ve known for a long time that mobile was going to change search engine results. With Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update set for April 21, this is just one of the many steps that is going to change search results for people using desktop vs. mobile devices.

The most recent change that Google has made to enhance mobile search engine results is replacing the URL in the search result snippet with the site name and breadcrumb path. Aren’t sure what we mean by breadcrumb path? Take a look below and you’ll see:

Google improves the way URLs look in mobile search results

Google announced this change on April 16, stating that they’ve made some updates to their “algorithms that display URLs in the search results to better reflect the names of websites, using the real-world name of the site instead of the domain name, and the URL structure of the sites in a breadcrumbs-like format.” Now, webmasters have another way to communicate what a specific page on their website is all about and this done by using structured data schema.

Google says that this changes are only for mobile results for now and are slowly being rolled out. The breadcrumbs trail is being rolled out worldwide while the site name change is only in the US for now.

This new update raises a lot of questions. Some people worry that not being able to see a page URL will prevent them from knowing exactly which website they’re on, or if they’re on a fake site. Others wonder how this will affect websites that don’t have a clear hierarchy and breadcrumb trail.

At Ontario SEO, we’re excited to see how the entire update is rolled out. We’ll keep you posted with new information as we have it. If you want to learn more about the latest news and views in SEO, subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss a post!