Google Rebrands Data Studio to Looker Studio

November 24, 2022
Looker Studio Icon

Google’s Data Studio has been rebranded as Looker Studio, marking the beginning of a unification of all of Google’s business intelligence products.  Google’s ultimate goal is to house their business intelligence tools under one Looker Studio brand.  

Google has also announced a paid “Pro” version of Looker Studio, aptly named “Looker Studio Pro”. This paid version will have management features, team collaboration abilities, and SLAs. The pro version will include data integration features that many enterprise customers have been hoping for.  

Why We Care

Google Data Studio is a tool we use with great regularity for analysis and reporting. Ultimately this name change won’t have a great effect on our immediate use of Looker Studio, but it will be interesting to see what further changes Google has in mind for their new suite of business intelligence products.