Why Do I Need to Connect Google Ads and GA4?

Mason DeLargie
Mason DeLargie
February 14, 2023
google ads and ga4 integration

As we all know by now, Google Analytics 4 will be taking the place of Universal Analytics in July. But what does this mean for Google Ads? 

Google Ads and Google Analytics work best when connected. Google Analytics 4 will be replacing Universal Analytics in July. This means that Google Ads needs to pull from the new analytics platform—GA4. Connecting Google Ads and GA4 ensures all the properties that you were using in Universal Analytics will continue to work as intended in Google Analytics 4. 

How to Integrate Google Ads and GA4

The first thing to do is to link Google Ads and GA4. 

  1. In GA4, click Admin at the bottom of the screen. 
  1. In the middle column, Property, pick the option you want linked. 
  1. Look for the Product Linking option. Click Google Ads Linking
  1. Next, choose Link. 
  1. Click Choose Google Ads accounts then pick the accounts you want linked. 
  1. Click Confirm.

How to configure GA4 conversions in Google Ads

Now that Google ads and GA4 are connected, next we need to configure the conversions in GA4 and import them to Google Ads. After you configure your GA4 conversions to mirror your Universal Analytics tracking, check your conversions are working properly by comparing the conversion counts in both (note: numbers will not always exactly match, but a small degree of variance is acceptable). Once you are comfortable GA4 is tracking correctly import them into Google Ads in the Conversions section of the interface. You will again want to verify that Google Ads and GA4 conversion data is aligned. 

In GA4 you can verify that the event is being tracked and triggered correctly by looking at the Reports > Engagement > Events.  

With that, Google Ads and GA4 should now be properly linked!

What about imported Universal Analytics Goals?

Check that you are only counting GA4 OR Universal Analytics goals as a conversion in your Google Ads account. Failing to do this will lead to double counting of conversions in your Google Ads account, as you will be counting one from GA4 and one from UA.  

We are currently waiting to switch over to GA4 conversions in Google Ads so we can more closely understand the data discrepancies between UA and GA4, but you can make the switch whenever you feel comfortable. Make sure you switch before July 1st.

Not Up to the Task? 

Ontario SEO is a team of expert SEO professionals—especially when it comes to Google Ads and GA4. We’ve helped many companies migrate to GA4 and connect their Google Ads.

We would be happy to help.