Meta Outlines New Targeted Ad Restrictions for Teens

Mason DeLargie
Mason DeLargie
January 19, 2023
New Meta Ads Restrictions 3D Meta Logo

Meta has removed the ability to target ads based on the in-app activity of teens. Data related to who the account follows on Instagram or what Facebook pages they like will be affected. The update also restricts targeted advertising to teen users based on gender.

Effects on Digital Marketing

With these changes in place, products and services targeted towards teenagers will not be advertised to their primary audience on the Meta platforms. If this sounds like you, you will need to revaluate your marketing strategy to accommodate these updates.

Aligned with Meta’s Recent Privacy Updates

Meta’s shift to protecting the teen demographic’s information is not new. Back in November, Meta’s update—related to the default options for teen accounts—changed privacy options such as restricting who can see their friends list and who can see posts the account is tagged in. These account options are usually enabled manually (which is what Meta recommends doing if the account was created before November) but will now be enabled by default for teen accounts.

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