Pre-Development & Pre-Launch Tips for your website

March 28, 2014
Pre-Development & Pre-Launch Tips for your website

Set Yourself up for Success

When you’re in the pre-development stages of launching your website, remember that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Don’t neglect any of the necessary website elements that will make your online presence search engine and target audience friendly. Learn how to be successful with our Pre-Development & Pre-Launch Tips. Download the handy checklist here!

Website Pre-Development & Pre-Launch Tips


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Set Yourself up for Success: Website Pre-Development & Pre-Launch tips

Choose the Right Domain

Is it easy to spell? Is it memorable? Your domain is your brand’s name on the web so make it a good one!

Something is Better than Nothing…Sometimes.

Whatever your launch day, consider keeping your audiences in the loop by publishing a “PRE-LAUNCH” landing page. Include a countdown, but only if you can truly commit to that timeline! Have some kind of web presence rather than a parked page, but don’t risk hurting your brand with a confused business image or message.

Get With the Times!

Whatever your do, make sure that your site is mobile friendly & responsive

You may not get a second chance to catch your audiences. Mobile visits to websites & onsite conversions on mobile devices have more than doubled in the past year. Take advantage of this lucrative trend by optimizing your mobile presence.

Think Globally, Act Quickly

Do you plan to have a presence on social media? 

You should claim that Facebook brand name, Twitter handle, and Google+ Page early before someone else snaps it up. You don’t have to be everywhere, but focus on a few alternative outlets to your own website and do those well. The web is a big place, so put yourself out there.

Content is King

Don’t wait until the 11th hour to think through what your website will say.

Your beautifully designed website may not look so great as soon as the dummy images and placeholder text are gone. Work with your creatives to give them relevant, valuable content as soon as possible so their team can really understand your business and maybe even draw inspiration from it!