TikTok Search Ads Now in Beta for Selected Partners

April 24, 2023
TikTok Search Ads Now in Beta for Selected Partners – Ontario SEO

In March 2023, news emerged that TikTok was planning to launch its own search ads product, putting the platform in direct competition with Google and Microsoft. Recent reports now indicate that TikTok search ads are currently in the beta testing phase for selected partners, although this has not yet officially been confirmed or announced by TikTok.

What we know about TikTok’s Search Ads Platform So Far

Screenshot of TikTok’s search results for skincare routine with sponsored ad.
TikTok’s search results for “Skincare Routine” shows a sponsored ad for The Ordinary, a Canadian skincare brand.

Although we don’t have too many details about what exactly the platform will look like or what it will offer advertisers, we do know the following: 

  • Like Google, TikTok’s search ads platform will allow advertisers to bid on specific keywords related to their products and services.  
  • During the initial beta test rollout last year, testers confirmed that advertisers could gather the search terms responsible for conversions. 
  • During the initial beta test, it was also revealed that advertisers could leverage high CTR search terms as headlines. 
  • You can see what these ads look like by searching terms like “skincare routine”, “makeup tutorials” or “house cleaning tips”.

Potential benefits of investing in TikTok Search Ads

Some potential benefits of investing in TikTok search ads include: 

  • Better campaign management 
  • More bottom-of-funnel advertising opportunities 
  • Gaining a greater understanding of user intent and interest 

Why We Care

TikTok’s search ads platform represents a new opportunity for businesses to reach younger, more engaged audiences. In case you didn’t know, TikTok’s user base is largely comprised of Gen Z and millennial users, and one study even found that nearly half of Gen Z is using TikTok (along with Instagram) to search instead of Google.  

TikTok appears to still be in the early stages of testing search ads, however, so it is unclear whether the platform will have more similar or different features to Google ads or Microsoft Ads. Unless you are a part of TikTok’s search ads beta, we’ll have to wait for confirmation from TikTok for more details about this new platform. 

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