What Are Featured Snippets?

November 20, 2020
What Are Featured Snippets?

As Google’s search engine results pages are becoming more and more informative, zero-click searches are more prevalent in today’s digital landscape. One of the most common resources for information found on Google are featured snippets, also known as position zero.

Featured snippets are selected search results that appear at the top of Google’s organic results and aim to answer a searcher’s question without having to visit a website.

Common Types of Featured Snippets

Paragraph Snippets

One of the most common types of featured snippets is the paragraph snippet. It pulls a short paragraph from a website with high-quality content that aims to answer or provide more information on a searcher’s query.

In some cases, the featured snippet may also display an image beside the paragraph. However, it’s important to note that the image is not always from the same website that the text is being pulled from.

List Snippets

The second most common type of featured snippet would be in a list format, either an ordered list or an unordered list.

For example, an unordered list or a list that does not use numbers. You would see an unordered list snippet for

  • Best-of list
  • Item list
  • Unranked item list
  • Features list

In comparison, a numbered list would highlight search queries such as DIY, “how-to”, and “how do I”. Recipes are presented in list format also and can be combined with an image carousel for easy browsing.

Video Featured Snippets

Another valuable type of featured snippet would be the video featured snippet. This commonly will pull a video from YouTube and highlight a section of that video that answers a search’s query. These video feature snippets tend to display for queries that the answer requires step-by-step instructions.

Table Featured Snippets

The final type of featured snippet we will be talking about is the table feature snippet. This is one of the least common featured snippets. These are generally found for queries that are looking to compare different information such as prices, rates, or data.

Remember Rich Results are Not Featured Snippets

In addition to the featured snippets mentioned, Google also displays other types of rich results which are commonly misconceived as featured snippets. For example, the recipe cards provide you with all the information you need, but this is not a featured snippet. Another common rich result are star ratings which can be found below website URLs.

Rich Answers

For questions that have a definite answer, Google will display a rich answer result which can also be misconceived as a featured snippet. The difference here is that rich answers are not linked to a website.

Knowledge Panels

Lastly, one of the largest results to display are knowledge panels. Knowledge panels can be displayed for corporations, celebrities, and even breeds of dogs. But this again is not a featured snippet and the information is largely pulled from Wikipedia. However, you can claim your own knowledge panel if one was to appear for your brand name.

Now that you have been properly introduced to featured snippets and all the opportunities that they provide, we will begin to explore the techniques to optimize for these coveted positions in the next episode.

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