What’s Old is New Again

Jason McMannis
June 21, 2022
What are Meta’s Basic Ads? - Ontario SEO

Reports coming out of Meta indicate that the company is in the early stages of planning a new ads package. With heightened regulations involving privacy and companies like Apple giving its users the chance to opt-out of having their data collected, Facebook has keyed on the need to adapt its digital advertising options to meet the current climate. Their solution is a product currently described as ‘Basic Ads’.

What are Meta’s Basic Ads?

Since Meta hasn’t put out an official statement regarding any new ads product most of what we can find is largely speculative. What we do know is that any ‘Basic Ads’ product would offer advertising opportunities and report only the simplest metrics (views, engagement, etc.). This is in stark contrast to the current advertising landscape which relies on targeting and success can be measured based on lead generation. Most online marketers are hyper-focused on direct responses that can be tracked. This ad format is going to have very little, if any, tracking ability.

Who Might Benefit from ‘Basic Ads’

As I said before, without an official announcement from Meta, it’s hard to say how this will all shake out. But, based on the information we have it would appear that Meta is targeting a different advertising demographic. Brand awareness campaigns efforts with minimal tracking capabilities are a luxury mostly reserved for global brands with deep pockets (think Netflix, Nike, Subaru, etc.). It’s difficult to see the benefit for marketers who need to make the most out of each advertising dollar unless Meta is able to still provide useful targeting options.

Why We Care

The Facebook ads platform has always been known for its wide range of targeting options and demographics. Increased data protection regulations are making life more difficult for marketers using Meta’s suite of ad options. Rumours of a basic ad platform are an interesting indication that Facebook is working to adapt to this new world. Initial theories are that Meta’s new venture could work well for global brands, but local and service-based businesses that rely on targeted advertising to generate leads may struggle to find value in Facebook and ultimately look elsewhere.