Digital Marketing Audits

Is your digital strategy
missing the mark?

Put your digital marketing efforts to the test with an in-depth audit by our growth experts. For a limited time, we’ll waive your audit fee when you partner with us for at least 3 months.

Digital Marketing Audits

SEO Audit

Cost: $1,000 – $4,500 CAD

Are you losing organic traffic and rankings? Discover technical SEO errors, find out the impact of algorithm updates, evaluate usability and mobile-friendliness and receive a tailored growth strategy.

Google Ads Audit

Cost: $900 – $1,500 CAD

Are your Google Ads wasting money? We’ll audit your account from top to bottom including campaign structure and settings, bidding, budgets, keywords, targeting, ads and extensions, conversion tracking and more.

Google Analytics 4 Audit

Cost: $900 – $1,500 CAD

Universal Analytics has been sunset and all users have been migrated to the new platform, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Reclaim control of your marketing data with a comprehensive GA4 audit.

Google Business Profile Audit

Cost: $600 – $1,000 CAD

Are you missing out on local visibility? We’ll evaluate your business information, engagement, reviews, content, product/service listings, tracking, linking, and more.

Social Media Audit

Cost: $600 – $1,200 CAD

Is your social media working for you, or against you? Discover hidden opportunities, improve engagement, and boost your brand’s performance on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Meta Ads Audit

Cost: $900 – $1,500 CAD

Are your Facebook & Instagram ads underperforming? Our experts will meticulously assess your ad strategies to optimize performance, boost ROI, and ensure your advertising success on Meta platforms.

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Don’t leave your marketing success to chance.

A comprehensive audit can supercharge your online strategies, unlock new avenues for growth, and ensure your marketing efforts are finely tuned to hit your business targets. Here are some of the top reasons why clients love our digital marketing audits:

1. Unbiased Perspective

A third-party digital marketing audit offers an impartial viewpoint, free from internal biases and assumptions. This fresh perspective can uncover hidden opportunities and identify blind spots in your marketing strategy.

2. Cost Savings

Identifying inefficient marketing expenditures or redundant campaigns can lead to significant cost savings. Our audits can pinpoint where you’re overspending and suggest cost-efficient alternatives.

3. Competitive Advantage

Understanding your competitors’ digital strategies is crucial. Our audits reveal competitive insights and help you devise strategies to outperform them in the digital landscape.

4. Innovation

We can introduce you to innovative tools, technologies, and strategies that you may not be aware of. This can inspire creativity and lead to disruptive marketing approaches that set you apart in your market.

5. Long-Term Sustainability

An audit can help you build a sustainable marketing strategy that adapts to changing trends and technology. By addressing weaknesses and optimizing strengths, you’ll be better prepared for the future.

6. Maximum ROI

A digital marketing audit can help you prioritize initiatives that provide the highest return on investment. This ensures that your marketing budget is allocated efficiently for maximum impact.

“The team at Ontario SEO take pride in the work they do and deliver. I was blown away by the amount of feedback we got from a company audit we did on our SEO at Caring Support. They also lined us up with tasks that needed to be completed and explained the process of completing them. Worth every dollar spent! Great job! Thank you!”

– Joseph J

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Digital Marketing Audit FAQ

The primary purpose of a third-party audit is to gain an objective and expert assessment of your digital marketing performance. It helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in areas such as SEO, Google Ads, Google Business Profile, and Analytics. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance your online presence, increase website traffic, and improve the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Our audit services can cover a wide range of areas depending on your needs and goals. Examples include on-page and off-page SEO analysis, keyword research and optimization, Google Ads campaign performance evaluation, Google Business Profile accuracy and completeness check, and a review of your Google Analytics setup and data quality. We can customize your audit’s scope to address specific concerns or objectives.

The frequency of audits can vary based on your industry, budget, and the pace of changes in your digital landscape. Generally, it’s recommended to conduct a comprehensive audit annually. However, ongoing monitoring and smaller audits may be necessary quarterly or semi-annually to ensure you’re adapting to evolving trends and addressing issues promptly.

Our audits result in a comprehensive report that includes findings, data analysis, and actionable recommendations. You can expect to receive insights into what’s working well, what needs improvement, and a prioritized list of recommendations to optimize your digital marketing efforts.