Google Ads’ New Feature Allows for Automated RSA Assets

November 7, 2022
Google Ads

A new Google feature has been made available to some advertisers. This feature allows Google to automatically create assets for an advertiser’s Responsive Search Ads (RSA). The feature uses the ad’s landing page, other relevant web pages, existing text ads, and keywords to create headlines and descriptions for a new RSA.

Those who have access to this feature can enable Google to generate the assets from any of the eligible sources. The ads are created based on predicted relevance and expected performance.

How to Opt Out of Automated RSA Assets

Of course, advertisers have the ability to opt-out of automatically generated assets. The opt-out can be found in Settings, clicking “Automatically Created Assets”, then selecting “Off: Use only Assets I Provide Directly for My Ads”.

Why We Care

New features in Google Ads should always be explored cautiously. For some high-volume industries, where you have a well-built website with good copy and imagery, this feature may work great. However, most of our clients who fit that bill also have stricter brand requirements that often cannot be met by an automated process.  As with any new feature in Google Ads, the only way to know if something is going to work is to test it and monitor closely. We have been surprised before.