Google’s May Core Update Rolled Out Quickly

June 6, 2022
Google May 2022 Core Update - Ontario SEO

The most recent core algorithm update started rolling out around May 25, 2022, with most significant fluctuations in the SERP tracked around June 6. Google’s broad core rollouts are meant to make improvements to the ranking process for organic search. The idea is to make search results more useful and relevant for the end user. As is true with any core update, some websites will have experienced drops in their SEO performance following the update, and some sites will have benefited. Many sites will experience temporary ranking fluctuations. Do not panic!

What Can I do to Fix a Performance Drop?

Typically, there is nothing to fix, per se. The last thing we want to do is overreact about a temporary drop in organic search performance and begin fixing things that aren’t broken. Google is constantly performing small tweaks to its algorithm between broad core updates; meaning those who experience drops will often see improvements begin to take place on their own.

If you have a solid SEO strategy in place, pinpoint the pages and/or keyword ranking that are driving the decline, and make a plan to them monitor closely. If those pages were already on your to-do list, you may want to accelerate your timelines. Otherwise, watch them for a few weeks to see if you need to take any further action.

If you are seeing site-wide declines that do not recover after a week or two, you know you will need to take more significant action. We are seeing that site speed and EAT (expertise, authority, trust) signals seem to have been important in this update for many of our clients. If you know your site has technical issues, now is the time to address them. If you don’t know where to start, consider an SEO audit.

If EAT may be an issue, there is not likely a quick fix. Improving EAT is a much more complex process. Taking action now will improve things in the future for your website.

Why We Care

Anytime we see a broad core update from Google it’s good to take note of how it has affected the search results. If you have recently noticed a change in traffic trends with your site, this core update is likely the main culprit. Core updates usually come with real changes to how Google ranks a website’s content. We keep close tabs on these developments so we can pivot where needed. Is it time to review your SEO strategy?