LinkedIn Ads Testing Generative AI & New Ad Formats

June 29, 2023
LinkedIn Ads Testing Generative AI & New Ad Formats – Ontario SEO

Last month, LinkedIn announced that they are now testing adding generative artificial intelligence (GAI) to their ad platform to provide B2B marketers ad copy suggestions. While this is not the first time LinkedIn is using AI on its platform, LinkedIn hopes that their AI-powered ad copy suggestions will “help B2B marketers realize greater efficiencies and create space to think bigger”.

What the New AI Ad Copy Suggestions Will Look Like & How it Works

In the announcement, LinkedIn stated that their GAI will suggest headlines and text copy for ads based on your business’s LinkedIn page. Advertisers who opt-in to try LinkedIn’s new AI Copy Suggestions will be able to choose from 5 different copy options, make edits, and automatically apply them to their campaigns. LinkedIn also stated that after initial testing is completed and improvements are made, they plan to roll it out to other languages and regions in the coming months.

Announcements About Additional LinkedIn Ad Formats

Along with testing GAI ad copy suggestions, LinkedIn announced that they are also going to be testing In-Stream video ads and making Thought Leader Ads and Conversation Ads more available starting in July:

  • In-Stream Video Ads: LinkedIn states that this new ad format will help advertisers reach and connect with professional audiences across LinkedIn’s network of publishers. They also noted that these ads will appear on both mobile and desktop apps and sites and that they will play at the pre-roll and mid-roll of long-form video content.
  • Thought Leader Ads: These ads allow you to promote content from company executives and employers (who must be verified members).
  • Conversation Ads: These ads allow you to set up multiple call-to-action buttons and collect leads (watch the video below to learn more about how it works).

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn’s new generative AI copy tool and ad formats look promising, and we are very interested to see if they do in fact help advertisers more efficiently reach their target audience on the platform while increasing ROI.

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