Meta Introduces 5 New Lead Generation Tools for Facebook and Instagram

December 5, 2023
Meta Introduces 5 New Lead Generation Tools for Facebook and Instagram

Meta is introducing new tools on Facebook and Instagram to help businesses generate more effective leads. The goal is to enhance campaign performance and benefit marketers by saving their time and money with the help of new lead generation ad tools, AI (Artificial Intelligence) features, and CRM partnerships.  

Following are the new features from Meta:

Click to WhatsApp Lead Generation

Marketers will be able to use Facebook and Instagram ads to start chats on WhatsApp, allowing them to directly communicate with their potential customers. Some advertisers will be provided with an option to add a Q&A feature in Ads Manager which will help to increase interaction with their customers.  

Instant Form Ad Format

To make things easier for users and to give small businesses more opportunities to be seen by people, this feature allows users to connect with many businesses all in one go. For example, if a customer signs up for a bridal hair trial, they can easily share their information with other relevant businesses they might be interested in, such as a bridal gown stores or nail salons.

Calling leads on Facebook

With this feature, businesses can directly call their potential leads through Facebook. Direct communication adds a personal touch to the interaction, making customers feel more reassured about the business. It not only allows you to call the customers but also enables you to display important details such as your logo and company name, which contributes to an increase in trust and recognition.

Advantage+ for Lead Gen

To make advertising easier and more effective, Meta is testing full campaign automation for lead generation campaigns using Meta Advantage+. This will allow advertisers to manage various aspects of their campaign all at once with the help of AI which will improve performance while saving time and money.


Meta is partnering with HubSpot for its CRM integration which means a simple click-through setup. Plus, it is also streamlining CRM integration through Zapier. This will help businesses to easily connect with their leads and manage them smoothly and to enhance their customer relationship management processes.

Why We Care

As Meta keeps updating its platforms regularly, it’s crucial to keep track of the new features and ensure we’re embracing those that can improve outcomes for our clients. These new features not only help us as marketers but also enable our clients to deliver better customer experiences. So far, we’ve seen promising results with Meta Advantage+ for targeting and creative variations, and we look forward to seeing what else this powerhouse AI suite can do.

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