Randy Bautista, Ontario SEO's Senior Digital Advertising Specialist

As a Senior Digital Advertising Strategist at Ontario SEO, Randy creates, monitors, and optimizes digital advertising campaigns to generate leads and sales for our clients. His extensive understanding of search and display marketing platforms, combined with deep analytical insights, gives him the expertise to handle any of your digital advertising needs.

Randy has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has a Graduate Certificate in Creative Advertising at Seneca College. His experience in sales also helps him understand a customer’s needs and challenges, giving the campaigns he manages a competitive edge. 

When Randy is not busy analyzing your advertising data, you can find him discovering new restaurants and playing his favourite console games.

Randy's Latest Blog Posts

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Google Lays Off Thousands of Employees

February 9, 2024

Google’s recent decision to lay off thousands of staff has caused a stir in the business world. Despite complaints about low support levels, Google is moving forward with plans to […]

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Must-Know Digital Advertising Updates for Fall 2023

October 19, 2023

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