Quick Tips from LinkedIn

April 3, 2023
Quick Tips from LinkedIn - Ontario SEO

Are you interested in optimizing your LinkedIn advertising campaigns for better results? This month I had the opportunity to attend the ‘Effective Campaigns for Maximum Business Strategy’ LinkedIn webinar which provided some valuable insights and tips on how to drive targeted lead generation at scale and maximize ROI with LinkedIn campaigns. The webinar covered various topics around LinkedIn Advertising including streamlining campaign creation, maximizing the website conversions objective, and leveraging LinkedIn’s lead generation forms. 

LinkedIn Advertising Webinar Key Takeaways

Here are some of the key takeaways and best practices I learned from the webinar: 

1. Recommended Daily Budgets

To maximize the results of your LinkedIn campaigns, you need a sufficient daily budget. The webinar panelists recommend spending at least $100/day per campaign for the best results, while $50/day is considered acceptable. This will help ensure your campaigns aren’t limited by budget.

2. Budget Allocation

Spend 25% on reach/awareness and 75% on nurturing and acquiring leads. This will help you strike a balance between building brand awareness and driving conversions.

3. Manual Bidding

With manual bidding, start on the higher end of what you are willing to pay to ensure ad delivery and then reduce as you go. If your bid is too low, you may run into performance issues.

4. When to Use Maximum Delivery Bidding

Campaigns using manual bidding and spending 85% or more of their daily budget are good candidates for “maximum delivery” bidding, a fully automated bidding option for those who want to spend their full budget while getting the best results possible.

5. Campaign Length

Running your campaigns for at least 2 weeks continuously is recommended to ensure you allow enough time for results to ramp up. 

6. Audience Sizes

It is best practice to run campaigns to audiences with 50,000 – 500,000 users. This ensures your campaigns are reaching enough people to make an impact, while remaining targeted enough to prevent wasted spend.

7. Ads & Landing Pages

When creating ads and landing pages, focus on clarity in your messaging. Make it very clear what the user should do next.

8. Audience Targeting

When targeting vague or ambiguous job titles (such as Coach or Manager), narrow targeting by interests or member groups to reach a more targeted audience.

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