Thank Goodness for Infographics (TGFI)

March 13, 2014
how to relaunch a website, re-building an online presence

This is your final week to thank goodness for interesting infographics: Check out our space-tacular Website Re-Launch infographic here.

This is the final week of our Thank Goodness for Infographics campaign, and if you like space, our Website Re-launch lesson is sure to wet your digital whistle! When you’re re-launching, you cannot afford to have problems: They will compromise your brand and opportunities to convert potential customers.

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Avoid problems during website relaunch

When re-launching your website, don’t let your potential customers find themselves lost in digital space with error-filled pages and faulty redirects.

When re-launching your website, properly redirect URLs to avoid errors.

Do your due diligence and check all of your URLs. Leverage online tools ensure that every time a customer arrives on your site, they find exactly what they are looking for!

Check back on Friday to download a FULL Website Re-Launch infographic that will help your website rocket toward success!

Don’t forget last week’s lessons on…

Terrific Website Pre-Development & Pre-Launch Tactics!

Website Pre-Development & Pre-Launch Tips
Are you launching a new website or re-launching after a refresh? Don’t let pre-development slip ups sour your online presence. Follow our pre-dev do’s and don’ts to effectively communicate with your target audiences. Make sure that your website set-up is going to portray a positive brand and convert online users into paying customers.
Launching a website is time-consuming. Ensuring that each site element is optimized, effective, and target audience-friendly requires strategy and the finesse of diverse skill sets. If you are hoping to revitalize your web presence, remember to keep sharing our #TGFI Facebook posts and retweeting our @ontarioseo infographics for the chance to win a FREE one hour website consultation.

Our first Pre-Dev & Pre-Launch infographic snippet says don’t miss out on the mobile market…

You need to optimize your website so that audiences are compelled to convert — even when they are on their mobile device. Over 30% of total web traffic is attributed to people on their phones. You cannot afford to disappoint this traffic with a slow, disorganized or user un-friendly site. DO: drive clicks and conversions with a mobile-friendly site. DON’T: miss out on lucrative opportunities.
Website Pre-Development and Pre-Launch tactics

Our second Pre-Dev & Pre-Launch infographic snippet reminds you to keep in mind that…

CONTENT IS THE KING, key, and be-all end-all to online marketing success. 

content marketing when developing & launching a website

Keep checking back to become a website wizard. 

This week, our TGFI campaign will focus on Pre-Dev & Pre-Launch website perfection. On Friday, we will showcase our second FULL infographic so be sure to keep checking back to gain new knowledge. Also, if you missed it last week, you still have the chance to read about When to Launch your Website, which will help you successfully schedule your next website launch.
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Find the FULL Pre-Development& Pre-Launch infographic here!

If you missed it last week, check out…

Thank Goodness for Infographics Week One “When to Launch your Website:

When to launch your website infographic

Welcome to the newest hotspot for website launch and re-launch infographics. This page should be your go to for the do’s and do not’s of launching and re-launching your website. Each Friday we will enhance your TGIF with our Thank Goodness For Infographics updated image! Learn about launch timing, tactics and tips in a fun and interesting way with infographics that we have collaboratively designed with our partners at WARPAINT Media.

Our agencies came together to combine our knowledge and create infographics that will really make you stop and think before you set your website loose on the digital world. We want to help as many companies, entrepreneurs and individuals as possible, so we are counting on you to share our infographics. Re-tweet and share this link. Interact with us on Twitter @ontarioseo, use the #TGFI (Thank Goodness For Infographics) to make comments, ask questions and share the love. Connect with our team and WARPAINT Media on Facebook, so that you don’t miss any important information regarding website launches or our awesome campaign contest!

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will tell you where to look and what to share, so that you/your company will be eligible for a FREE one hour website consultation with our team of experts.

If you Tweet us, share us and share our infographics more than the average digital bear, then we will help you with whatever website launch/re-launch area you need! See you back here soon for our first FULL Thank Goodness for Infographics image!

Our first Infographic snippet shows timing is EVERYTHING!

From the time of the month to the time of day, you need to check your clock and your calendar to ensure that your website launch schedule makes sense for you and your target audience. Make time and take your time to ensure that your website is the best possible version of itself and your brand.
When to launch your website part one

Our next infographic puzzle piece reminds you to measure everything! 

Make sure you measure your online presence pre and post launch. If this is your first website, then you may not have comparables, but immediately installing analytics will give you a basis for next year’s year-on-year comparison. You cannot know if you are successful if you do not set benchmarks and measure meaningful key performance indicators.
When to launch your website measure
We’ll help you with measurement and so much more if you share our infographics with your friends and colleagues and win our free one hour web consult! Get geared up for success now: Connect on Twitter @ontarioseo using #TGFI and via Facebook.
Are you looking for all the tips on website launch timing? Click here to find the full “When to Launch” infographic.