If you look through the content on your website right now, are you simply selling products and services or are you telling a story about why you’re the right choice for customers who need what only you can offer? Can you easily identify who your content is targeting – what’re they interested in and why? These questions just scratch the surface of establishing an effective content strategy for your online presence.

You know your business inside and out, and you understand how to meet the needs of your target audiences. We are confident you’re offering a great product and you have a unique value proposition that distinguishes you from other companies. But, are these key messages getting across to your potential clients?

Why is a website content strategy so important?

The online customer journey is not linear, which means that is crucial that you have content that will be useful to your potential customers no matter where they are in their path to purchase. An effective content strategy will ensure that you are visible and add value to your potential clients at all stages of their online journey.

It’s important to have an outsider (us) analyze your online presence to determine if you’re really doing the best possible job of representing why customers should choose you over the countless competitors that are just one click away. Just as importantly, you need effective content to increase the likelihood search engines will rank you above the rest. Because, if you’re buried at the bottom of the online pile, you are already several steps behind the other businesses whose websites your potential customers are finding.

What are the goals of a great content strategy?

A solid strategy will address all aspects of your website content to ensure the copy your customers are interacting with appeals directly to their needs and convinces them to take the right actions towards your next sale. Even more than that, your content strategy needs to optimize all of the elements of your site customers can’t see because this helps you to rank above your competitors in search engine results.

After a thorough content audit, Ontario SEO will determine if your content is effectively positioning your company with a voice that is easy to relate to. We will see what content you currently have, what updates are required and what gaps exist that need to be filled with research-based energetic content.

Combine hard data with even harder-hitting content

Just sounding great is not going to cut it with modern customers. We will look at what content converts the online users you’re after into customers, evaluate how they interact with your current site and what your most successful competition is doing to stay ahead in the online Hunger Games.

Once this data is collected, we will use it to decide on a strategic approach for how your brand voice will sound and feel. Across all of your digital platforms, from your website to your blogs and social properties, we will enhance your unique selling proposition in ways that make the most sense for who will be looking for what you provide.

PS. It’s very likely you think you know exactly who these people are and what they want most, but we’re pretty sure we can help you broaden your target audiences and specify your sales pitch to help expand your business.

Why is Ontario SEO your best bet for effective online content?

Your online presence extends beyond your website. So, we’re not going to stop at just optimizing your web content. We’re going to ensure, at all the touchpoints where potential customers may find you, you’re putting your best foot forward and giving them the information and motivation they need to buy into your brand.

Our content marketing team excels at doing deep dives into your web presence to see how you’re stacking up against the other online businesses that may be distracting your customers from how awesome you really are. We have worked with clients across every industry, so we know how to adopt a variety of voices that compel audiences to put their faith in your product or service.

Get a strategic, measurable and data-driven content strategy that will sing your praises in just the right way to increase sales and support the continued (and growing) success of your business.