What are your customers really searching for?

Selecting the right keywords and key phrases is critical to the entire SEO process. Your customers are not searching for your business name – they are searching for the products or services you can provide, or the problem that you can solve for them. The success of your web site depends on identifying the keywords or key phrases that customers will be using when they search for the products that you can provide them.

High Quality Keyword Research

There is no substitute for high quality keyword research. The keywords you use within your site are there to attract the traffic bringing in the customers that are searching these terms. For this reason, it just won’t do to have inappropriate keywords that lack quality and won’t be effective in driving your traffic. Your entire search engine optimization depends on your core list of keywords.

Identify the keywords your customers are using when they search

Identify the Keywords customers will search for

The first step is to identify all the keywords that your potential customers will be using when they search for the products or services that you offer. This involves some very extensive research using data from the major search engines, specialized tools, your own server logs, as well as polling existing customers and internal salespeople.

We also actively research your competitors to uncover what keywords they deem important and are optimizing for. At the same time, we’ll research trade magazines for new keyword or key phrase trends that may not yet be mainstream and will, therefore, have less competition.

Analyze keyword research data

Analyze & make sense of the keyword data

The next step is to rank the keywords by popularity and relevance to your site. We also take into account the competition for those words or phrases so your site can strike a balance between keywords that are popular but not too competitive.

Then we add in the location specific modifiers to optimize the keywords for your local market and create location-specific key phrases, enabling a more focused, targeted approach. This optimizes your site for local search engine queries.

match keywords to your landing pages

Match keywords to specific website pages

Once you have a solid, well researched keyword list, it can be matched to specially created landing pages to maximize your product or service offering to your local customers. When they search for a product or service keyword group that you’ve optimized for, they’ll land on an informative, relevant landing page that has been created specifically for them (or so it will seem to them). By making it easy for them to find what they want, you make it easy for them to become a customer.