Google Partners

Ontario SEO is a boutique digital marketing agency in London, Ontario specializing in Search Engine Optimization and paid search marketing (PPC) for business. We work on behalf of our clients to improve search engine rankings and drive website traffic & conversions.

Ontario SEO is a Google Partner agency. We retain our Google Partner status by maintaining up-to-date certifications in Google Analytics and Google Ads. Through experience and on-going professional development, our certified account managers are experts in providing Google Analytics analysis and Google Ads pay-per-click management.

What is a Google Partner?

The Goods Straight from Google:
“Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who have been certified by Google to manage Google Ads accounts. Hiring a Google Partner to manage your Google Ads account can help save you time and maximize your return on investment”.

Why Hire a Google Partner?

  • Certified Account Managers

    If you are paying for pay-per-click management you want an experienced account manager who can get you results. By hiring a Google Partner, you know your account managers are Google Ads certified, and up to date on the latest search marketing best-practices. Obtaining Google Analytics & Google Ads certifications requires an in-depth knowledge of Google platforms and a thorough understanding of paid and search advertising. Google certifications have to be maintained annually by completing several exams. At Ontario SEO all of our Ads account managers have both Google Analytics & Google Ads certifications.

  • Google Account Representative

    As a Google Partner our agency, Ontario SEO has a dedicated representative from Google. We maintain a close relationship with our account rep, through which we have access to advanced customer support, specialized account reporting and data, and the unique opportunity to get advice directly from Google.

  • Google Partners Events

    As a Google Partner Agency we host regular Google live-stream events so you can learn about the latest products, services and recommendations from Google. As an extra bonus we usually have tasty treats & Google swag. Interested in attending an event? Sign up to hear about our next Google Partner Event.