Universal Analytics Has Officially Stopped Collecting Data

August 15, 2023
Universal Analytics Has Officially Stopped Collecting Data – Ontario SEO

Google Analytics has long been a trusted tool for tracking and analyzing user behaviour on websites. However, significant changes have occurred in recent years, leading the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and the decision to shut down Universal Analytics (UA). Almost 2 months after the migration to GA4, Google started sending messages to analytics users stating that “Your Universal Analytics property needs attention.” This warning indicates that UA properties have officially stopped processing data. 

What Does this Mean for Your Business? 

You NEED GA4! 

If you have received Google’s message and haven’t made the switch to GA4, you could be missing out on crucial web insights. Alternatively, if your UA property is still collecting data, Google promises that it will stop soon. To continue to collect valuable information about your customers, you need to have a GA4 property set up. 

Why We Care 

Despite industry experts being reluctant to make the switch to GA4, Google is giving marketers no choice but to migrate. The transition to GA4 demands that marketers re-evaluate their tracking strategy and stay up to date on the latest news surrounding GA4. If you aren’t tracking events and user interactions that support your business goals, you could be missing out. Additionally, it’s important to understand the limitations to GA4 and take advantage of Google Analytics’ tools to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Need Help with Your Website Analytics? 

At Ontario SEO, we know that learning the intricacies of GA4 can be a complex journey. You don’t have to go through it alone. We can help you leverage the power of your web analytics for success. If your business needs help getting started with GA4, contact our team of analytics experts today.