Link Building - a crucial aspect of any SEO campaign

Links are the building blocks of SEO. But no two links are the same when it comes to the way Google and other search engines decide to rate your site in their result pages. That’s why it’s important for your business to have an individualized solution when it comes to building links towards your site to raise your rankings.

Link Building for Today’s Web

Link building isn’t what it used to be—just ask anyone who’s lost massive traffic due to Google’s algorithm updates over the last two years.

Today, targeted links are more valuable than ever before, while the wrong links can quickly get your site slapped with a penalty in search engine rankings. Too many of the wrong links can get your site removed entirely!

Ontario SEO provides clients with good, relevant, honest links. Often, just cleaning up your linking profile can help raise your standing with Google in a relatively short period of time. But most importantly, your rankings will skyrocket when you build honest, trusted, targeted links to your site.

Ontario SEO Link Building

Our link building method is about more than just providing links to your pages from high-quality websites. We’ve found that the best way to generate links—and rankings—is to build trust for your website by establishing you as the authority in your field.

Authoritative blog posts and other content can quickly generate links from other sites. Just as importantly, authoritative content can inspire the kind of trust that potential buyers need in order to become your customers.

Individual Link Building for Your Business

There is no good “one size fits all” way of building links to a site anymore—and you should be wary of any agency that offers one!

Today, the links that are best for your rankings depend on what kind of business you’re in, what your approach to that business is, who your target market is, and a variety of other factors that require a skilled specialist.

Search engine methods become more complicated on an almost daily basis. At the same time, more and more businesses become savvy to the business of SEO every day—and could be taking your rankings.

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