What are Meta’s Basic Ads? - Ontario SEO

What’s Old is New Again

June 21, 2022

Reports coming out of Meta indicate that the company is in the early stages of planning a new ads package. With heightened regulations involving privacy and companies like Apple giving […]

How To Create and Setup a Facebook Pixel

Why Do You Need a Meta Pixel?

June 10, 2021

How do you spot a rookie advertiser? Check if they have a Meta pixel. If you’re like most new advertisers, you probably want to skip the technical side of things […]

2019 Digital Marketing Trends

2019 Digital Marketing Trends we are Watching

February 26, 2019

Well, 2019 is off to a fast-paced start around the office, as we have been strategizing and positioning our clients to have exceptional success with digital marketing in 2019. We […]