Making Sense of Google Ads Auto Migration Confusion - Ontario SEO

Making Sense of Google Analytics Auto Migration

October 5, 2023

Google Analytics issued an apology for the confusion stemming from a recent account updates. Advertisers found themselves caught off guard as the platform initiated an automatic migration of configurations from […]

Google trends icon with extra arrows

Leveraging Google Trends to Your Benefit

August 22, 2023

What is Google Trends?  Google Trends is primarily intended for tracking and analyzing the popularity of search queries and topics over time. It’s a valuable resource for marketers, researchers, journalists, […]

Google Analytics Alternatives

Alternatives to Google Analytics

March 28, 2023

Worried About Google Analytics putting your business at risk? Here are the best GDPR-compliant analytics alternatives we’ve found. Are you one of the millions of marketers worldwide who rely on […]

AWS Clean Rooms

The Role of Data Clean Rooms

March 23, 2023

What is a Data Clean Room? A data clean room is a software that helps facilitate privacy-friendly digital advertising in the absence of third-party cookie data. It is a way […]

Where is My Event and Conversion Data in GA4? - Ontario SEO

Where Did My GA4 Event and Conversion Data Go?

March 15, 2023

You’ve set up GA4 and migrated over the Goals and events you had in Universal Analytics. You’re ready to view your new events and conversions in GA4 and start building […]