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Google plus business page malfunctions and how you can fix it

Google+ Page Malfunctions

September 17, 2014

One of the things we do at Ontario SEO is monitor the social profiles of our clients. Last week we noticed that some of our clients Google+ pages had been stripped of […]

Wayne Atkinson Representing Google +

Social Media MAYhem

May 23, 2014

At the beginning of the month, Ontario SEO stepped into the ring for IABC London’s Social Media MAY”hem”. Our founder, Wayne Atkinson, represented our go-to social media platform, Google+, against three […]

Learn how to re-launch a website with digital marketing tips from Ontario SEO.

Website Relaunch Infographic

April 4, 2014

Have you set up your website relaunch to be out of this world or utterly unimpressive? Checking up on your website relaunch success? Download the checklist that will make your […]

When to launch or relaunch your website

When to launch your website

March 20, 2014

Thank goodness it’s Friday and thank goodness for our first full infographic! Keep this infographic handy whenever you’re planning to launch a website to ensure that your timing is spot […]

how to relaunch a website, re-building an online presence

Thank Goodness for Infographics (TGFI)

March 13, 2014

This is your final week to thank goodness for interesting infographics: Check out our space-tacular Website Re-Launch infographic here. This is the final week of our Thank Goodness for Infographics […]

Google Universal Analytics is Now Available to Everyone

Google Universal Analytics Available to Everyone

January 14, 2014

Many people have been using Google Analytics (GA) to keep track of visitor traffic to their websites, web pages, and e-commerce endeavours. Although it’s always been a useful, powerful marketing […]

Google's Penguin Update 2013

Google Penguin Update

September 16, 2013

It’s a Cruel Summer for Black Hat SEO On May 22nd, Google launched a new version of its anti-spam algorithm Penguin. Penguin 4 (aka Penguin 2.0) specifically targets spammy sites […]